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We rock business processes with a focus on supply chain and business software!

Seven founding members combine unique skills and strengths with other band members and numerous guest musicians to create efficient, successful projects. Together, we have been inspiring our customers since 2019 and turning them into our fans.

We combine our expertise with a unique culture

Inspired by customer proximity, new earworms are created. Understanding the different concerns and challenges is our key to transforming them into tailored as well as sustainable solutions. Driven by our fans, we create mutual enthusiasm by providing easy access to needed resources as well as consistently enforcing honest and open collaboration.

Consntrade, a name with a background

Consntrade, a combination of Consulting and Trading, presents our services in two pillars. Linked together in an abstract way is the message of our passion, the focus on the essentials, understanding and inspiring our fans.

Consulting, the roles to success

Consulting is the jam session with our fans. As a band, we want to understand what sounds you need. We hand over the craft of our experience to create harmony. We see gaps as motivation to develop further in order to reach a solution. We love to be a part of your band to share your success story.

Trading, we share the joy

We record our songs and love it when many people enjoy them. In the Trading column we pour the best-of-the-best of our experience into mature products.

We are a rock band

We have passion, look out for each other, share ideas and projects and really enjoy working together. We feel authentic when we rock projects together. This creates enthusiasm that drives us and makes the customer happy. That’s why we are more than a family and live the culture of a rock band.

Marina is the leader of the band’s treasury and understands the wiring of financial processes and cost accounting. 0 and 1 were too few numbers for Marina, so she upgraded from computer scientist to controller.

Fabius is our multi-instrumentalist and shows you how songwriting works. Programming fancy and technical solutions in the basement was not enough for him. He understands the business and amazes the fans.

Stefan, the man with the magic hands is our lead pianist. His expertise is deeper than the Atlantic. If things get stuck somewhere, Stefan has an idea how to rock the problem.

Stephan plays the bass. Despite his grey eminence, he has no grey hairs. He deserves them, because with over 30 years of experience in the industry, he is considered the Mick Jagger of logistics.

Joachim is our trendsetter. As a human connector, he is the link to research and motivated talent.